Well THAT was craptacular.

I mean there is no other way to describe it.  Yesterday’s drubbing by the White Sox was ugly.  Ugfreakingly.

But evilsnare, and the rest of the nasty Yankees fans who email me (as opposed to the truly nice ones who email me)…you obviously haven’t really read anything I’ve written here if you think one lousy game is going to get me down or make me lose faith in my team.

Won’t happen.

I feel sorry for Matt Clement,though…he’s a good guy and a good pitcher and he doesn’t deserve to be the fall guy here.  Not alone, anyway.  Not only did he pitch poorly but the bats were dead.  So there is enough blame to go around without making poor Matt the goat.

Matt will come back strong and so will the Red Sox. 

This isn’t over yet…that’s why there’s a game 2 after game 1.

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