Well, what do you know?

I found a picture of Gabe getting doused with champagne.

A lot of fans who aren’t Sox fans probably don’t understand the importance of Gabe Kapler to the team…but it is there.  When he went to Japan at the beginning of this season, many of his teammates were truly sad to see him go – and when he came back to the Sox this summer, the Fenway Faithful acted like it was a superstar walking back on the field.  Although Gabe doesn’t act like a superstar.  He’s sweet and humble and was surprised when Tom Caron (from NESN) told him how many of his teammates said HE was an important part of the team and they were all glad he was back.

Then he got hurt, had to have surgery and could possibly not be playing ball at all next season.  Still, he showed up this weekend to support his teammates.

The guy is a true team  player.  I miss him being "on" the team and am so happy he got to celebrate with them today.

This one is for you, Gabe!  Gabe

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