Okay.  Lest I disappoint the legion of Yankees fans who apparently read my blog (thanks for the emails, folks…nice of you to take the time), I guess it’s time to discuss the half game lead.  And what better time than while I’m at lunch?

First of all, I hate to disappoint said Yankees fans, but I’m still not worried.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not convinced the Sox are going to win the division…heck I don’t even know if, especially with the way the Indians are playing, they’ll make the playoffs at all.  But I think they will…after watching this team all season long hold the lead in the division for as  long as they have, with all the things that have hit this team, how can I not have faith that they’ll pick it back up and take it all the way?

And I’m not making excuses.  I know the Yankees have had to deal with their share of injuries this year.  But as I pointed out to some folks last week (and Kellia just earlier today)…take out Mariano Rivera and how many Yankees wins possibly turn into Yankees losses?  We lost our Ace and our closer for the better part of the year, and still have a hold on first place.

How can any fan be disappointed with that?

These last two games have inhaled deeply.  They’ve been painful to watch (except for the brilliant performance by Craig Hansen…I’ve seen the future of Sox pitching and I’m very encouraged!) and have made many wonder if this is the beginning of the end.

Not me.  Mind you, my preference was to go into that last series at Fenway with a big enough lead that it didn’t matter what happened…but since when do I get my way?  Since when don’t the Red Sox go out of their way to remind their fans of why they’ve stuck with them so long?

You never know what’s going to happen.  The Yanks winning and the Sox losing last night looks like such a sharp blow.  But a Sox win and a Yanks loss and they’re back where they were yesterday morning and people aren’t talking about the Sox being done.

My allegiance is to my team.  So regardless of what happens, oh faithful Yankees fans who email me only when the Sox do poorly and then disappear when the Yankees have a bad game, don’t expect me to give up on my team.  Ever.

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