Goodbye Deadline

Sometimes baseball turns me into a two year-old who can’t deal with being overly stimulated.  This usually happens around the trade deadline when we’re getting so much information thrown at us that it gets difficult to figure out what is true and what isn’t.

At one point on Sunday I thought that I read that the Red Sox gave up seven minor leaguers  straight away for Erik Bedard.  In reality, they gave up Tim Federowicz, Stephen Fife,  Juan Rodriguez and Chih-Hsien Chiang and ended up with Bedard and Josh Fields in a three-way deal with not only the Seattle Mariners but the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Glad that was cleared up.

I’m relatively “meh” about the entire thing.  The stress leading up to the deadline didn’t pan out and I’m happy for that but we’re losing a couple of minor leaguers I really enjoyed watching for a pitcher who might or might not make it through the entire season and a pitcher I hadn’t heard of before yesterday.  So I’ll choose to be optimistic.

I’m not so “meh” about Clay Buchholz being put on the 60-day disabled list with a back fracture.  What the hell, Clay?  Way to mess up all of my predictions about you and your Cy Young Award this year, dude.  The Red Sox have been playing well in spite of the losses to the starting rotation so I’m not planning on freaking out any time soon, but that doesn’t mean I’m not concerned.  The thing, right now, I can most live without is people bitching about the Red Sox medical folks.  I have no idea how good or bad they are (although I have a difficult time believing the Sox would entrust their team to lousy doctors) but in the case of Clay, it seems clear to me that the Red Sox knew what was up and hid it from us all because the trade deadline was approaching.  I tire so very easily of people (especially the media but some fans as well) believing that the team should be completely up front about everything going on with the team.  Some times, probably most times, it works to the team’s benefit to not show all of their cards.  I have no problem with this.

Honestly, I’m just happy the trade deadline is over.  I know there are still deals being made but at least my Twitter feed isn’t clogged up with trade rumors like “I hear the Mets are going to trade their entire infield to San Diego for Heath Bell” anymore.

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