Midday Beckett

I love watching baseball on a sunny afternoon.  The only thing better would be if I sat in the park instead of in my living room to watch it.  But I’ll take NESN’s coverage of today’s game over nothing.  Sun shining, a little breeze and the Red Sox on the field at Fenway = a perfect day.

I had last night’s game on but was only paying attention to bits and pieces while doing other things.  So when Lackey left the game, I thought “Well, that could have gone worse”…little did I realize how right I was when I saw he had given up hits in the double digits.  How frustrating must it be for the Royals and their fans to know that they got 11 hits against Lackey and 16 in all and still lost the game 12-5?  Hell, the Sox even spotted them two errors and they still came out the losers.  I do not miss the days when many of our own games ended in such frustration.

1:35pm today we get to see Beckett take the mound in the sunny, summer afternoon.  That’s my idea of time well spent!

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