Same as it ever was

I wrote an entire blog entry yesterday and thought I published it.  Came back in today and noticed it wasn’t published and when I went to hit “publish” I deleted it.

It’s been that kind of week.

Disappointing to watch the Red Sox scratch their way back last night and know that if not for a grand slam they might have actually won the game.  Guess I’ll just have to settle for being happy that the Blue Jays beat the Yankees two games in a row and the Red Sox still sit a game and half up in first place.

Today is another day and, unfortunately, that day brings us Red Sox baseball on Fox.  So gird your loins and prepare to make heavy use of the mute button.

>For those so technically inclined, Toeing the Rubber is now on Google Plus.  I haven’t a clue, right now, what the benefit will be to having a page there but it’s fun to play around so I figured why now.  (Also, if you need an invite just shoot me an email and I’ll send you one!)

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