Great night at the park

I didn't bring a camera last night but shot this with the cell phone

Last night was a genuinely fun time at the baseball park both on the field and in the stands.  I attended with friends I haven’t been with in a while; we got to see a really exciting game; the weather was beautiful for the entire game…it was the perfect storm of baseball games.

People keep joking that they wish the Red Sox could play the Angels every day.  I get it.  The Sox are pretty dominant over Anaheim (I know…but they are Anaheim to me.  It just makes things easier.)…but I feel like that takes a lot away from what the team has done these past three games.

Sunday they bested reigning Cy Young winner Felix Hernandez.   Monday they took on Jered Weaver and came out with the “w” and last night they went up against a phenomenal Dan Haren and piled on the runs and delivered him a loss.  Three talented and, before hitting Boston, extremely hot pitchers who the Red Sox triumphed over.  This is a little more than just having luck against one team.

Something I don’t often say:  I enjoyed the heck out of watching Jon Lester pitch last night.  Holy cow.

Also enjoyable:  Carl Crawford with his third consecutive multiple-hit game.  Adrian Gonzalez with his first home run of the season at Fenway.  David Ortiz with a home run curling around Pesky’s pole.  (Back to back home runs against different pitchers so quickly left me stunned into silence.  Happy silence, sure, but stunned nonetheless.)  I just enjoyed the heck out of being there.

Up for today:  First Live Chat of 2011!  Along with a post at some point today with another giveaway!

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