Jingle all the way

I often criticize the Red Sox for not being more creative with their marketing.  There is so much they could do to entertain the fans that isn’t cookie-cutter and would be original AND fun but they seem to stay away from it.  Which is why I was so tickled when they announced the contest this year to get to Christmas at Fenway.  You don’t just fill out a form and send your entry in…they want you to work for it and they’ve come up with a cute way to get you to do just that.

Fans have until 5pm on November 29th to write original lyrics for a song of no more than 1000 words that combines Christmas and the Red Sox making sure specific phrases are used (“Red Sox”, “Christmas at Fenway”, and “Fenway Park”).  My favorite part of the rules?  25% of the judging will be based on spelling and grammar!  But the best part is the prize:

Pending travel time and schedule conflicts, each winner will be greeted at their home or place of work and presented with:

* A stuffed red stocking filled with special Red Sox gifts, including:
o Two tickets to Red Sox Opening Weekend vs. New York Yankees
o A piece of autographed Red Sox memorabilia
o Red Sox cold weather gear (including sweatshirt, knit hat and gloves)
* An invitation to an exclusive breakfast and meet and greet with Red Sox front office executives prior to the start of Christmas at Fenway
* The opportunity to be one of the first six people in line to buy 2011 Red Sox tickets at Christmas at Fenway

It’s a simple little contest with a nice payoff.  Also, it combines two of my favorite things (the Red Sox and Christmas) so I’m getting my own entry together.

If going to the hockey game the other night did anything it made me realize how much I miss baseball.  I embrace the opportunity to keep baseball alive during the winter even if it’s only by doing something silly like this.

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