Sunset Boulevard – 1950

This is another on the list of films that it stuns me I haven’t seen.  I mean, how do you go about living over 40 years and not see Sunset Boulevard?

Down and out in Hollywood and you luck upon a crazy rich lady.  Yeah, I know he ends up face first in the pool but I think there’s a way he could have made this work.

Hey Joe Gillis has the same birthday as me.

Burying dead monkeys…rats in an empty swimming pool.  Okay, maybe money isn’t everything.

Gillis sleeps like the dead.  While they brought everything from his apartment into the room he’s staying in, he didn’t hear a thing.  Now he’s yelling at Max.  Maybe he’s deaf?

I’m out of work.  I would kick a kitten to get some crazy old lady to pay my bills and “keep” me.

I’ve only been watching this for a half an hour but Gloria Swanson has already shown that she plays batshit crazy better than anyone.

I think if I were famous, especially an actress, I’d enjoy watching myself all the time too.

“We didn’t need dialogue, we had FACES!”  Brilliant stuff.  I mean, it’s Billy Wilder, so of course it is.

I wouldn’t wine about your car, Joe, the car she has is much better.  Leopard skin upholstery and a car phone in 1950.  Sweet.

Now she’s buying him close.  Buy me clothes!  Buy ME clothes!

William Holden had some sweet ass dimples in those cheeks.

Guy had nothing and now he’s getting all high and mighty about being kept.  Embrace it, dude.

Oops, moving from the garage to the main house.  Mama’s getting lonely.

“The husbands” get their own room in the main house.  This is heaven.

No locks on any doors in the house.  Ooh, melancholy madame has tried to kill herself.

He’s really hung up on this whole being kept thing.  He had no money.  Now he has no money problems.  Instead of  playing up to her he insults her when she admits she loves him.  I know she’s crazy but he’s just stupid for not playing along.  Smack him again, Norma!

Leaving a crazy, suicidal, lonely woman alone on New Year’s Eve is probably not the best move, Joe.

Ah, he tries for romance with Nancy Olson and instead finds out Norma tried to off her self with a razor blade.  Guess he isn’t moving out now.

That really is a nice coat she bought him.

Now he’s pretending he appreciates her doing things for him.  Suicide attempts sure grab one’s attention.  And the band plays “Auld Lang Syne” and he wishes her a happy new year and we are witness to possibly the creepiest kiss in film history.  Thank you for fading to black, Mr. Wilder.

She’s awfully attractive for a crazy “old” lady.

Her handing him money for cigarettes is a great visual.  Aw, too bad you have someone to pay for all your stuff.

“I haven’t been keeping myself at all” – great stuff.

Wow he was only in his early 30s when he made this.

For a character that it supposed to be over the top, Swanson doesn’t ham it up.  Faye Dunaway could have taken lessons from her when making Mommy Dearest.

Oh, Mr. DeMille…I like how they made him a nice guy since he was playing himself.  Hey, he was born in Massachusetts!

Now everyone is milling around her and excited that Norma Desmond is there.  So some people haven’t forgotten her.

Norma getting all beautified is some pretty upsetting visuals.  Yeesh.

So Joe is sneaking around with his friend’s fiance writing a script and falling in love.  Good luck with that.

Oh so NOW he’s embracing being kept.  Way to break hearts, Joe.

So he dumps the other chick AND he’s leaving Norma.  Well, we all know how this will end.

Possibly the best ending to a film ever.  I love pretending the cameras are making a movie and her final close up is priceless.

Not sorry at all the Joe got shot.

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