The sleeping pill I took was just a waste of time

A photo I took of Kyle this past May at Pawtucket

A photo I took of Kyle this past May at Pawtucket

It’s 2am (well 3am when I’ve finished writing this) and I’m wide awake and watching the MLB Network.  On October 29, 2009, Bob Costas had a sit-down interview with Bud Selig and the MLBN is re-airing it right now.  The only thing compelling me to watch this is that I can’t sleep and with 1000 channels there really isn’t anything better on at 2am.

Selig is one of those people I can’t stand to look at.  That isn’t to say I think he’s repulsive looking, it’s to say when I look at him my first thoughts go to something along the lines of my being glad I wasn’t next to him because I’d want to punch him in the face.  I’m not proud; I genuinely despise him.

When Bob Costas had the nerve to ask him about Mark McGwire coming back to baseball, all Selig could do was bang his own drum about all the wonderful things he’s done to get steroids out of baseball.  When Costas pointed out there is no test for HGH, Selig sidestepped the question and kept talking about how few players tested positive for steroids this year.  No acknowledgment that HGH exists and is most likely being used by plenty of players.  Until Selig is willing to answer to that, he can go fry his ass.   I’m unimpressed with his supposed desire to keep baseball clean.  As long as the money is coming in, he’s just happy no one is getting caught.  (Incidentally, I’m against Mark McGwire coming back to baseball.  His whole “I’m not here to talk about the past” crap in front of Congress has put him in a spot where I don’t think he deserves to be rewarded with a job in MLB.)   Given Tony LaRussa is one of his pals, Bud doesn’t see the problem.  Don’t ask him about Rafael Palmeiro or Barry Bonds, though, by his own admission, he only wants to deal with McGwire.  This entire interview is a waste of Bob Costas’ time – unless his desire was to make those of us who despise Selig despise him just a little bit more.  Christ on a cracker he’s now defending why the Yankees needed a new stadium.  He’s the person for which the phrase “makes me stabby” was coined.  He also said that the owners of the Pirates have done a great job with the team.  I think for that statement alone he should be stripped of his commissionerdom.  The only thing keeping me watching now is Bob Costas teasing me by saying the show will end with Selig talking about “his plans for riding into the sunset”.

On a more cheerful note, Kyle Snyder started for the Lobos de Arecibo on Saturday night and he pitched quite well – getting the win, striking out 7 out of 19, giving up 2 walks and 1 earned run on 3 hits in five innings.  Special thanks to friend of the blog Andy for making sure I’m getting the updates on Kyle’s time with the Wolves.  It’s been interesting trying to get any info past box scores from – but I’m working on it.  Here’s hoping Kyle has more success this winter.

I was remiss in not congratulating Jason Bay on his Silver Slugger.   I’m very pleased for him because he definitely earned it (unlike a shortstop who won a Gold Glove this year)…and I hope the Jason Bay contract saga is over soon – regardless of how that goes.

Okay, Selig claims when he’s 78 (three more years!!!) he’s done so he can go write a book and teach.   I’m never one to wish away time but, damn, I’m throwing a party in 2012!!!!

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