There’s danger and love in the air

Welcome to Boston, Jeremy.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images and used with NO permissions)

Welcome to Boston, Jeremy. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images and used with NO permissions)

It’s beautiful Sunday day and I’ve not written anything here for two days…time to get off my butt and back to writing.  So in order to jump start my brain, I turn to Google where I find more about the Yankees, of course, than any other baseball team right now.  So I’m out of luck there; I’m done writing about the Yankees.  But there isn’t much to write about in regard to the Red Sox.  I was hopeful when I read the title of an article on NESN “Jon Lester Ready to Take Over as Red Sox Ace in 2010”.   Hopeful that the writer had spoken with Crabby and we were going to get some insight into what he was doing for the new season.  Instead it was a blog entry rehashing how good Lester was in ’09 and suggesting that he’ll carry that into 2010 as the “Ace” of the team.  Disappointing, to say the least.  I need fresh news, people, not your rehashes.  (The NESN site confuses me.  Do they have a load of bloggers over there and no one to write actual news stories?  That’s what it seems like to me.)

There is the news of the trade with the Marlins for Jeremy Hermida.  The Sox sent Hunter Jones and Jose Alvarez to Florida in the deal and Theo says:

“Jeremy is a player who hasn’t fulfilled his potential yet. We were able to acquire him at a reasonable cost to see if he can fulfill that potential with us.”

Okay. I’m good with that (although I’ll miss Hunter and wish him and Jose luck!) but it isn’t exactly exciting, hot stove action. I will say this, though, we’ve had lots of luck with players formerly on the Marlins, so I’m holing out hope that Hermida will be that addition to the club that folks think won’t make that big an impact but who eventually does.  Keeping my eye on you, Jeremy!

With Kyle Snyder playing in the Puerto Rico Baseball League this year, I’ve given myself sort of an assignment in trying to follow him.  Not speaking Spanish and having to rely on Google Translate and Babel Fish will make it interesting but I’m looking forward to putting in the work.  It’s nice to have something baseball-related to focus on when MLB’s season is over.  While there isn’t much news yet (the official pages for the league don’t even have rosters up) I did find an article saying that some players have already reported and the rest will be showing up tomorrow and the games start on Thursday.  I feel like I have my work cut out for me to try and keep up with the team but I’m looking forward to it.

Given the major changes in my work schedule, I have much more time to sit here and write about baseball and the Red Sox.  It figures the timing would be all off there, huh?  Here’s hoping we get some excitement soon!

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