There’s a place that I go that nobody knows

Junichi Tazawa courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

Junichi Tazawa courtesy of Kelly O'Connor/ and used with permission

Well that was nice, huh?  Sox win and both the Yankees and the Rays lose. THIS is the way to start a home stand.

Brad Penny pitched as well as we could expect him to (and as Texy points out, we might need to pay someone to make him throw up the day of his starts) and the offense took off.  Detroit isn’t an easy team to beat – and they didn’t make it easy last night – but I’m happy with the result.  Here’s hoping this starts a nice string of wins for the guys.

I don’t have tickets to a Sox game now until Saturday, August 22nd. Yes, the Saturday game against the Yankees.  As  much as being at a Sox/Yanks game wears on my nerves, the upside is that it’s a Fox game so I get to avoid Buck/McCarver.  I’ve definitely come out on top with this one. (That Sunday game is an ESPN game just like this past weekend.  No wonder all the other fan bases hate the Yanks and Sox.  Two weekends in August where they are the Fox AND ESPN games?  I’m a Sox fan and it annoys me.)

Junichi Tazawa gets his first major-league start tonight.  After giving up that bomb to Slappy on Friday, the kid is going to need some love.  I hope the Fenway Faithful give it to him tonight.

Wednesday live blogging is back!  (I know I said it wouldn’t be this week but that’s only because I need to learn how to read a calendar!  NEXT Wednesday we won’t be having the live blog/chat.  THIS Wednesday it’s totally on!)  13-4 Josh Beckett (ERA = 3.12) is pitching tomorrow night against 6-10 Armando Galarraga (ERA = 5.23).  I like our chances for a good, fun, live blog!

Even I have to admit that the day after a win (coupled with that Yankees’ loss) is a ton better than the day after a loss.

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