We have them right where we want them!

Eric Hinske and Mike Timlin fraternizing before Game 3 - Photo by Me

Eric Hinske and Mike Timlin fraternizing before Game 3 - Photo by Me

Before the game, KellyO suggested maybe we hit the scalp-free zone on Thursday to try and get into Game 5.  I told her that might be doable for me and left it at that.  In the 8th inning, I turned to her and said “Just so you know, I’m not coming anywhere near Fenway on Thursday!”.  I say this and,  almost immediately after, Rocco Baldelli hits a 3-run homer off of Paul Byrd.  I look to they sky and yell “I already said I wasn’t going on Thursday!”  So much for breaking my streak of suck.

Truly, though, I’m not disheartened.  Sure being down 2-1 feels lousy.  Being down in the ALCS last year was shitty too.  And in 2004.  Good Lord, wasn’t that painful?  The Red Sox are making a habit of ensuring that our ALCS experience is the most exciting and nerve-wracking that it can be.  So the Rays should be nervous.

I refuse to get mired in negativity.  For the first few innings of the game, most of the people around me spent their time heckling Varitek and Tito and JD Drew as well.  It was annoying the hell out of me.  Of course, I had to get out of there when two couple all decided clam chowder was what they had a hankering for…and luckily the people who had the seats next to Kelly never showed, so I spent the rest of the game sitting with her – around a much better group of people with much more positive vibes.

After Baldelli’s home run, Fenway emptied out like someone had called in a bomb scare.  I didn’t mind.  Screw the people who think so little of their team making it to the second round of the playoffs that they bolt just because they’re losing.  Much like I’ll never forget where I’m from, I’ll never forget what it’s like to root for a team that doesn’t always win.  This is the team I choose to follow.  Been doing it a lot longer than the playoff runs of the 2000s and I’ll be doing it long after a lot of the people who left tonight will.

Things could be worse.  We could be rooting for a team that didn’t make it to the playoffs.  Or a team that got booted out in the first round, or that is looking at a 3-0 deficit.  None of those things happened.  I choose focus on the positive, fun aspects of being in the playoffs.  Many more baseball fans don’t have their horse in this race.  Who am I to get pissy just because the team is struggling?

I have faith that these guys will kick it up and get back on track.  Jason Bay has a World Series appearance coming…I can feel it!

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