All I will say about Wednesday night’s loss…

It took a lot of courage to stand in front of those reporters and answer their questions.  It was midnight.  He could have bolted and he didn’t.  I’m quite proud of Mike after watching this.

I am a fan of this man. As a matter of fact, he is my favorite player of all time. (Fred Lynn was the player who got me interested in baseball and I’ve long said HE was my all-time favorite player. I still love Lynn, but Timlin has bumped him from the spot.) Most people who know me, know this about me.

Which is why I have to avoid all sports-related areas of life today. Newspapers, websites, television networks…I don’t want to hear about the home run he gave up. I don’t want to hear “HE lost us the game”. In the interview above, he says that he let his teammates down. Maybe that’s true and it’s how they feel…but what about his teammates? None of them decided to kick it up a notch until the 14th inning? I think there’s plenty of blame to go around to a whole lot of people. The offense did practically nothing these last three games, and the team only won on Monday because they were damn lucky. Yes, Timlin threw the pitch that ended up ending the game…but he wasn’t the only one tonight who should be carrying the burden of this loss.

And this, truly, is the last I’m going to post about this Rays series.

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