Mebronjan122007edAdmittedly, it could have been a longer weekend.  I could have gone to all four, if not at least three, of Bronson’s concerts in the area.  But I didn’t.  I chose the middle two concerts, one at Mohegan Sun and the other at The Roxy.  Two very different atmospheres and, even though the play list was pretty much the same, two very different shows.

I have a confession:  Friday night I was an absolute geek.  All day Friday I was a total teen-aged girl.  Flat-out giddy at the idea of going to see Bronson that night.  My friend Kelly will be able to attest that I was bouncing all over the place and just so wired before and during the show.  I’m not sure why.  It was just something that washed over me, so I decided to go along with it instead of fighting it.

Bronwguitarjan122007mohegan To say nothing of after that first show, when we went to this store where Bronson set up a table to give autographs and take pictures.  Hey, I’ve met Bronson twice before and there was, I assure you, no giddiness involved.  Not so this time.

SO I was a little embarrassed to come back here and write about how excited I was that we got to not only see him in concert, but meet him again and that Kelly, as witnessed in the picture above, got him to give me a kiss.  🙂

But today I thought about it and I have to say, I really don’t care how it sounds.  I had a great night, Kelly and I BOTH did, Friday night.  I wouldn’t change anything about it (except that maybe I’d have been wearing high heels…)!

Bronsingsjan122007moheganLong story short is that Kelly told Bronson about how giddy I was all night and asked him (unbeknownst to me) if he’d give me a kiss.  When I approached him with a t-shirt to sign for Madison he had this enormous smile on his face.  We chatted, Kelly told us to lean into each other for a picture and instead of taking the picture she kept telling us to lean in.  (He was on a platform behind a wide table.  I had to stand on my toes and he had to lean over a lot just to get close to me.)  I finally said to him (without turning to him) "What the hell is she doing?" and he replies, laughing, in a teasing voice, "She wants me to KISS you!"

Well, the lips never quite made it to the cheek…but he sure tried!  We chatted a little more and then, after meeting his saxophone player Elan Trotman, Kelly and I left.  It took me about an hour to come down off of  my high I am, again, a little embarrassed to admit.  But, heck, it was a great time and, once again, I have Kelly to thank for it!  (Kelly was upset that the picture came out blurry…I wasn’t.  I don’t love the picture of me, but I love the look on Bronson’s face and I REALLY love what the entire thing represents…so there it is.)

Bronsonsmilesjan132007roxy Saturday was different in many ways.  The biggest being it was at The Roxy which meant no seating, which meant I was on my feet for about five hours when all was said in done.  I’m still feeling that, I’ll tell you what.

Bronson also had an opening act.  Some short skinny kid with a major man-crush on Bronson.  (If anyone was there and knows this kid’s name, please let me know. Never mind.  I googled him and found his name.  Chad Perrone.  I like his music.  Apparently, Bronson does too because Bronson let him on stage a couple of times to sing with him as well.  Seemingly, Lenny has competition. 😉

Brontheoroxyjan132007I was also practically standing against the stage Saturday night.  I had a great view.  Oh, and there was the little issue of Bronson’s ‘special guest’.  It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Theo was in the house.  (No Lenny sightings, fellow Bronson/Lenny watchers!  Sorry!)  When Theo took the stage the fans went crazy and then immediately started chanting "Bring Bronson Back" to which Theo responded that he’d have a better chance of trading himself to Cincinnati.

I had a great time both nights and, as silly as it sounds, I really enjoyed being able to see Bronson in his post-Red Sox playing time.

I still want him back in Boston.

(Photos taken by me Friday and Saturday, except the one OF me which was taken by KellyJ)

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