CHB – Revisiting Manny Yet Again

Mannydancingonhisbirthday_1There’s been so much written about Manny lately, I’m not sure what is left to say.  Both major newspapers in Boston had stories over the last week about how the Red Sox should trade him.  CHB over at the Globe is absolutely orgasmic that he has something nasty to write about in regard to the Red Sox during the off-season.  Honestly, where would Dan Shaughnessy be without writing nasty stuff about the Red Sox?  The Curse of the Bambino made him a mint and when "the curse" was killed, Dan panicked.  What could he write about now?  But Manny gave him all he needed so once again we’re subjected to the ranting tirade of another bitter and jealous sports writer.

Well, Dan, on behalf of most of Red Sox Nation…**** you.

I wonder if he’s even looked at the free agent market.  CHB, that is, not Manny.  Does he think there is someone out there comparable to Manny who can hit behind Ortiz and make a difference?  Does he think there is another intimidating hitter who can protect Papi from becoming the Barry Bonds of the American League?  King of the intentional walks?  We saw what happens to Papi when Manny isn’t in the lineup in 2006…and it was ugly.

Unlike Shaughnessy and the others, I think a .321 average, 35 homeruns, 102 RBI…those stats alone make me think Shaughnessy is an **** for even suggesting trading Manny.  But that should come as no surprise.  CHB is an ****.  "Manny being Manny" just gives him more chances to show it.

The idea of trading Manny is ridiculous.  Doesn’t mean the Red Sox won’t do it, I know that.  But, in my opinion, promoting trading the best player on the team just because he won’t talk to you is irresponsible journalism.  Then again, calling anything Shaughnessy writes ‘journalism’ is an insult to the word.

The team has enough holes to worry about filling without jerks like Shaughnessy creating more.

(Okay, looking over that I guess I’m kind of angry.  So I’m editing to add that I totally understand when people get frustrated with Manny, but what CHB and others write about him goes way beyond that.  The recent stories coming out of Boston about Manny are nothing but whining, foot-stomping rants because the writers haven’t been able to run Manny out of town.  I promise, next post will be of a much cheerier nature!)

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