Good for you, Daniel!

(The original title of this post was "AL Leiter is an idiot".)

Leiter is on YES, going on about how ‘absurd’ it is that talking about a no-hitter jinxes it.

Michael Kay adds his agreement by saying "you can’t tell fans that".

Do neither of them get that it is part of baseball?  It’s baseball freaking lore, idiots who are supposed to know about baseball. 

Instead, it is apparently easier to make fun of fans bothered by the fact that the assw1pes on YES won’t stop talking about a no-hitter.

Al Leiter sounds genuinely pissed that people believe in the superstition of not talking about a no-hitter.

(Mind you – I’m not posting this until the game is over….this way, I’m just talking to myself and won’t affect the no-hit bid of Daniel Cabrera!)

The funniest part of all, though, is that Cabrera is taking this all in stride, fooling around in the dugout and Leiter seems totally annoyed by it.

(Sidenote…Kevin Millar has had 7 hits in this series – dude is a Yankee killer!)

Ah, I have to laugh (not at Cabrera, mind you, at the hypocrisy going on right now)…Robinson Cano just broke up the no-hitter and Michael Kay almost had an 0rgasm and the Yankees fans cheered for the no-hitter being broken up.  Where’s all the righteously indignant Yankees fans who were mad that Red Sox fans were happy about Carl Everett breaking up Mike Mussina’s no-hitter?

Michael Kay just said, "The Yankees lost BUT they broke up the no-hitter".

Nice way to keep neutral Mike.  Good work.  He and Ken Singleton sound practically giddy – Al Leiter is suspiciously quiet.

Congratulations to Daniel Cabrera for the one-hitter. He pitched a heck of a game.

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