Pure Joy


The "lowly" Red Sox just shut out the current World Champions for the second game in a row.  Mike Timlin got a save tonight to go with his win last night.  Kason Gabbard, much like Julian Tavarez and Kyle Snyder before him, gritted his teeth and pitched an amazing game.  So to those many of you who say this team has given up, I say ‘bah’!

On the National League side, my Bronson got his 12th win tonight.  Good times, good times.  🙂

I’m wiped out.  Been out of work and touristing it up since last Thursday afternoon.  Back to the real world tomorrow.  I miss my friends.  It’s way too quiet around here.   I’m just glad we got in such good times over these last few days.

Thoughts and prayers to Tom Caron and his family.  TC’s dad passed away…we’ve been missing him on NESN.

And good news about Jonathan Papelbon.  He might not be back ‘soon’…but at least it isn’t a tear. 

In the post-game press conference, Tito referred to Kason as "Gabby".  More than once.  Guess that’s what happens when you get your first major league win and three-hit the World Champs.  Tito says he only took him out because of "lat tightness that is going around like the flu".  Great.  Even the back-ups are getting hurt.

My Mike Timlin got his hug from Big Papi, who is back in the line-up, at the end of the game.  What a great sight that was!

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