Another new day

Wow, my entire post except the title, disappeared.

Long story short…I worked late last night, came home and passed out.  Basically have the same plan for today, except I’ll have to get up to watch the late-night game!

My boys are now on the west coast and have a chance to start anew.  Let’s hope they take it.

Mike Timlin is one of the leaders on the team…he had a good quote after the game yesterday and I’m taking him at his word:

“It can be done," pitcher Mike Timlin said. “There’s a feeling that we can come back. We’re not giving up.

We are going to the fire. Character is not built on a mountain, it is built in the low valleys, and that’s where we are.”

I’m not giving up either, Mike.  You guys are stuck with me.

Have a great day, folks!

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