“Clear his head out”

(My final post from that first day, Saturday, July 30, 2005 around 10:30pm.  I was a bit cranky that day, obviously, over all the trade talk and Manny in general.  I’m kind of avoiding it all this time.  Tomorrow is my only day in the office next week and it will be a busy one, so I won’t have much time to focus on it.  That’s probably a good thing! I’ve decided to head out to Fenway tonight…which means leaving in about an hour since I want to get there early for the canned food drive – here’s hoping Curt brings us a win!)

Tito just said the reason Manny was pulled from the lineup is because he wants to give him the next couple of days to "clear his head out" because of what is going on.

I’m a big Tito supporter, usually, but give me a break.  Billy Mueller has been mentioned in trade talks all week but you still see him out there.  So this is what it’s going to be?  They’re going to create another Pedro situation.

Now Tito is still on and he’s saying "Manny was in the dugout in the ninth inning".

Big freaking deal, Tito…what about the other eight innings?

So Manny blows off the Tampa Bay game and his punishment is getting more time off?

How does that work?

I’m disgusted with Tito right now, absolutely disgusted.

(Editing the post to add):

I think if Tito had Manny sit LAST  night I wouldn’t be this bugged by it.  Sitting him last night is a reprimand; sitting him tonight is doing him a favor.

I guess all points will be moot if they end up trading Manny.

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