Well, I’m still up!

Another sleepless (thus far) night for me.  I messed up my sleeping schedule last week while I was having fun and it’s coming back to bite me this week!  We’re also having the lightning and thunder that delayed the Yankees game (congrats on having to win the game thanks to a REALLY bad call by the first base ump, Yankees) here now…so I’m WIDE awake for that thanks to the skylight in my room.

Was at Fenway tonight.  Very, very hot.  Had Madison with me and we only lasted five innings.  If I was alone, I would have toughed it out…but no way I’m putting Teks991stgamejuly182006a five-year old through that.

Jon Lester and Jonathan Papelbon combine to pitch a one-hitter.  Lester throws 100 pitches in 8 innings.  Our young guns look pretty darn good, don’t they?  Meanwhile, our Captain catches in his 991st game…breaking the record for Red Sox catchers.  AGon continues to hit and our bullpen got some major rest.  Things were clicking all around.  We’re still only half a game up, but it’s a lead I have a lot of confidence in. 

Would have been nice if the Yankees lost…but they have a rookie on their team who likes to do things the impressive way once in a while.  Again, if not for that pisspoor call at first, well who knows what would have happened?  But, what are you going to do?  Umpires, they are an imperfect group.  I hope, after seeing the replay, he has the guts to say he made the wrong call…but somehow I absolutely doubt that will happen. 

Gabekylejuly182006I have the replay of the game on NESN right now.  I missed the ovation for Tek in the 6th…moderately bummed about that…but I know I made the right decision to get out of Fenway early, and I don’t regret it at all.  I had a great night – hope you all did as well!

(Photos taken by me on July 18, 2006!)

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