“Cyn’s Guide to Obtaining Red Sox Tickets”


Arielle mentioned in comments on the previous post that I should write a book called "Cyn’s Guide to Obtaining Red Sox Tickets".  I can do that in one entry.

1.  Live and/or work in Boston.  (For easy access)

2.  Go to games alone.  (Getting one ticket is much easier than getting two or more)

3.  Don’t care where you sit.

4.  Start buying the tickets as soon as they go on sale.

5.  Make sure everyone you know – and those you don’t – know that you’re a Sox fan.

and the most important thing:

6.  Know people who have tickets or know how to get tickets.  ๐Ÿ™‚

I still haven’t updated my "Games I’m Going To" list, but going by memory I can break it down a little…tickets for 8 games this year that I have either gone to and will be going to were given to me, or purchased by folks who offered them to me.  8 games I’ve gone to or will be going to – I had single seats.

I’ve purchased tickets from places outside of the ‘official’ way for only two games.  (Heck, even the tickets for the games in Baltimore…which it looks like I won’t be using myself…I bought through the Orioles website.)

Basically, I get to so many games out of sheer luck.  I’ve had luck accessing ticket sales on redsox.com.  I’ve had luck in that I have relatives (including my mother) who have ‘connections’ and get a lot of tickets they don’t use.  Because I work in Boston, people who aren’t using tickets offer them to me because they know I’m local enough and that I’ll go on short notice.

Aside from luck…it doesn’t hurt that I have a major spending problem and tend to spend before thinking a  lot of the time!

On Wednesday, I’ll be in Fenway watching Pedro’s return.  I didn’t even know I wanted to be there, but as soon as they announced he was starting on Wednesday, I wanted to go.  Then the nicest thing happened around the same time I had this epiphany…someone who reads this blog emailed me that he had tickets for the game, but got better tickets and would sell me his original tickets for face value.  How cool is that?

So…on Wednesday, I’ll be in probably the worst seats in Fenway –  ๐Ÿ™‚  right under the scoreboard.  $12 bucks a pop.  Best $24 I’ve spent in a while.  My friend Emily (the one who got rained out with me versus the Yankees) will be with me…and we’ll be cheering for Pedro.  Just as I expect everyone else will be.

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