Oh well…

Mattugh Another bad night.  What are you going to do?

Sox out of first by a game.  I’m not wringing my hands just yet.  The biggest downside to the standings right now is dealing with the Yankees fans who only come over here when the Yankees win or the Red Sox lose.  Apparently, they care a lot more about the Sox than they admit.  It’s nice to see the insecurity coming out of the Bronx.  It’s just annoying that those particular fans choose to litter the comments here instead of being more productive on their own (or at least Yankee-related) blogs.

Wake is on the mound tonight – given what happened in the last two games, anything could happen tonight.  I’ll still be watching.

And for the commenter who put the blame of this on Big Papi while also accusing him of using HGH…well, thanks for making me laugh on what could have started out as a bad day.  Aside from a Red Sox win or a Yankees loss, nothing makes me happier in baseball than jealous Yankees fans.

Have a good day folks – let’s send some good vibes Tim Wakefield’s way and hope his back is better tonight!

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