Friday Night Live Blogging

Okay, partially by request (thanks Kaylee!) and partially because it’s Curt Schilling v Kenny Rogers and that’s just way too tempting, I’m going to live blog the Sox/Tigers game tomorrow night.

This all depends on my getting home from work in time, mind you, but as long as the timing works, I’ll be live blogging the game starting around 7pm.

If you’re interested.

For those who haven’t read a live blog of mine…it probably isn’t the best place to get  play by play of the game if you can’t get the game yourself…but I try to have a little fun and occasionally even tell y’all what is going on during the game.

Watching the last three outs of the ninth inning of the Tigers/Yanks game.  If the Yanks win, the Tigers are either going to be totally deflated, or inspired to kick some butt this weekend.  If they win, they might be bringing all kinds of good momentum into the weekend.  Either way, it should be an interesting series.

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