My panic button is lost

DpauleyOn May 24-26, 2005, in Toronto, the Blue Jays swept the Red Sox.

How did things end up? (A reminder, if not for losing the season series to the Yankees, the Red Sox would have won the division…numerically, they tied the Yankees for the division in 2005…with a far inferior team than we have this year.)

The Blue Jays have a great team…but so do the Sox.  We have the best infield we’ve probably ever had (as long as the Jays don’t continue to take potshots at them) and we have some great pitching (Matt Clement’s current woes aside).  We aren’t going to be hobbling on 3/4 starters for long, in that I have total faith, so I’m not going to freak out because we’re tied for first place with the Yankees on May 31st.

We had 27 wins and 23 losses on this morning last year.  This morning?  30-20.

So you all will have to pardon me for not turning gray over a couple of lousy nights in Toronto.

David Pauley is starting for the Sox tonight against Ted Lilly.  Sure, this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but the young guns have been the guys getting it done lately.  This could be a really fun game to watch tonight.  I can’t wait!

(Quick note to Steve, my Blue Jays fan bud.  I was exaggerating to make a point about Blue Jays attendance.  Your team won back to back World Series titles in the early nineties and had one of the best pitchers alive on your team AFTER that, and Blue Jays fans seemed to have forgotten that rather quickly.  As I said, you all have a good team and they deserve a better fan showing.)

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