I have nothing…

Mikemay232006_1…NOTHING on last night’s game.  I only watched the first inning or so on NESN’s replay of it…missed the entire thing live…and haven’t had the time this morning to read anything about it.  But they won.  That’s nice.  🙂

All I know is, I love this team – especially the defense – and they need to step up tonight and help Boomer get back into things.

Another late night for me last night, but not as late as the others.  I could still just dive back into bed and stay there for the day – but I won’t.

Have a great day, folks!  Check out my new photo album with some shots from Wednesday, if you’re so inclined.

Bring on Kazmir and here’s hoping this weekend is the one when the Royals break out of their losing streak!  (Hey, they’ve swept the Yankees before!  It isn’t totally out of the realm of possibility!)

PS – Yes, I’m aware Mr. Timlin gave up a run last night.  It’ll happen.  He’s still the second-most reliable guy coming out of our bullpen right now and I’ll take him on the mound any day of the week!

(Picture of Timlin, taken by me on May 23, 2006, from the bowels of right field!)

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