Mrdoublemay242006I’m old.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  That’s what is has to be.  Two late-nights and I can barely open my eyes right now.  And I didn’t consume ONE bit of alcohol on either night.  AND I have another relatively-late night (that is NOT baseball-related) planned tonight.  I have a STRONG feeling I’m cutting it short tonight…I could just go back to sleep right now!

  • The picture here is my favorite that I took last night.  Granted, I haven’t gone through the pictures fully yet, but I knew it when I took it that it was a keeper!
  • If Coach Mike is reading this, seriously pal, we have to STOP going to the same games.  My schedule is on the left of this blog…let’s make sure we aren’t ever at another game at the same time (the LMOTFers are going to kill us in July!)

I guess folks saw me on tv last night…I loved the seat and the view but the section was a mess (soaked before the game started and thanks to jerks who didn’t care what they did with their beers, soaked all throughout the game).  We also were asked not to heckle or hold up signs (not really that big a deal to me, but the fan who chastised another fan for cheering kind of solidified my not planning to go for seats like those again any time soon!)

I saw two great games – they would have been better had the Sox won – but two great games nonetheless.

Apparently, my being upset about the Sox losing is affected by where I am and who I’m around.  I say this because it seems I get more bothered by it when I watch the games on tv than when I’m actually at the game.  Just like Tuesday night, leaving the park was strange because most of the fans seemed okay with the loss…not "okay" with it, but certainly not ready to call the season over.  I liked that.

Matt Clement and Tim Wakefield hate me.  That’s all.

Sox are still in first place, but they should be by a much larger margin.  I’m a ‘glass is half-full’ kind of chick, though, so I’m just looking at it as it could have been worse, they could have been swept.  Turn about is fair play, I guess.  We took two out of three in New York and they returned the favor in Boston.

Edited to add one last thing.  Watching the scoreboard last night, I "saw" the Royals lose again.  That actually upset me more than the Sox losing. 

I need to wake myself up and get going…so I’m out.  Have a great day folks!

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