Monday, Monday

Standingsmay222006 Another note about my criticism of Joe Morgan for saying that "No one is as good as Mariano Rivera" last night.

If you’re a Yankees fan and you say this in a conversation about the current season, you’d be wrong, but I’d probably let it pass.  You’re a fan.  You’re supposed to pump up your team as if they are the best.  But if you are an award-winning baseball broadcaster who, theoretically, gets paid to pay attention to baseball and talk intelligently about it, you should not be making a blanket statement like that because it betrays your ignorance.

Mariano Rivera isn’t even CLOSE to being the best in Major League Baseball right now (as I showed last night).  That isn’t taking anything away from him –  it’s just a fact.  Morgan saying what he did last night was just another in a long line of things he’s done that shows 1) how biased he is toward the Yankees and more importantly 2) how little he actually pays attention to the game that he gets paid to cover. 

Yanks are in town this week and I’ll be at two out of the three games!  Go Sox and welcome home boys!!

Have a great day, folks!

(Edited to add…I hope Mark is enjoying his trip, but I can’t wait for him to get back.  Miss you around here, Mark!)

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