Thoughts on last night

  1. MattpapiWas Matt Clement this much of a sad sack last season as well, or is he still pouting from being benched for the Yankees series?  Dude always looks so sour lately.  He pitched pretty well and got a hit AND the win…he should be happy!
  2. David Ortiz has the pretty eyes I’ve ever seen.  Looks like he has mascara and eyeliner on.  Oh yeah, and he can crush the freaking ball can’t he?  And he has an amazing sense of humor.  Love the Big Papi.
  3. It’s so much fun to have the faith in our pitchers that I do.  Even though he gave up inherited runners, Foulke still looked sharp…and Timlin and Papelbon?  What a one-two punch to have in the 8th and 9th, eh?
  4. Jonathan Papelbon has to stop doing things like slipping off the mound.  My heart can’t take it.
  5. Albert Pujols is an animal.  20 homeruns?  Someone give the man a blood test!  (relax, it’s a joke)
  6. I officially love Tim Duncan.  Shut Mark Cuban up, Tim.
  7. Mike Lowell is, still, the man.  Two-run homerun.  Yeah, what a lousy contract the Sox had to take on to get Beckett, huh?
  8. Throwing out belated congratulations to Dustan Mohr on the birth of his daughter!
  9. You knew it was coming…Yanks lose in the ninth when David Wright hits one off of Mariano Rivera and over Johnny Damon’s head?  Come on, HOW sweet is that?  (Sorry, Mad Dog!)
  10. Danny Haren threw a 2 hitter against the Giants, and Bonds got NOTHING off of him.  Way to go, Dan!   What a great night for MLBloggers!
  11. One last item:Standingsmay202006

(And a PS to this entry…unless something happens in my schedule that makes it not possible, I’ll be live blogging the game tonight.  Yet again, mostly for my own entertainment, but also because, hey it’s an inter-league game, it’s special, right?  So, if you’re so inclined to check it out, please do!)

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