Bring on the Phillies!

Philly_phanatic_on_his_atv_june_25_2005_The Red Sox enjoyed a successful interleague schedule last year.  Let’s hope they do again this season!

Kay and I were in Philly for the three games last year (and Dale and Lisa were there for two!) and we had an amazing time.  I hope everyone who goes down this weekend has as good a time as we all did!

If you’ve emailed me over the last week, I apologize for not getting back to you.  A change of email addresses and less time on the computer than I usually spend, has kept me behind.  I promise I will get back to you all.  And thanks for writing, I love hearing from Sox (and other) fans!

Kind of a grey morning here, but no matter when the Sox are playing in Philadelphia!

Have a great day, folks!

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