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March24mikebow_3Where are all the Yankees fans who email me and leave comments complaining about ‘the chant’ at Fenway Park and claiming it never happens at Yankee Stadium?

Heard it two nights in a row, now.  And they aren’t the first two times I heard it.

Pretty ridiculous to have HGHiambi take a curtain call for his homerun.  It’s May.  Oh, wait, I forgot, the Yankees aren’t afraid of or obsessed with the Red Sox.  It’s totally one-sided.

Riiight.  That’s why with a four run lead Torre brought in Rivera.

Today’s New York Post had a funny article about how the Post got into Papi’s head yesterday.  Guess the guy who wrote it didn’t actually watch the game.

And especially for Umair, I will not be posting the standings.  Sox were in first place this morning and I didn’t post them, but Umair isn’t really a Yankees fan, he’s a wannabe who hasn’t a clue about the game or how to be a real fan.  I don’t like calling people out but I’ve had it with him.  Over the past week, ever since the Yanks and Sox met in Fenway, plenty of cool Yankees fans have visited this site and talked baseball and a even a little trash without coming across as spiteful and just basically showing up to bash me and the team.  Not so with Umair.  I’m done.  You want to comment on my blog, I’ll most likely delete it because I’m not going through another season of you trying to turn each comment section into your own personal blog – or flame war for that matter.

This post makes it sound like I’m upset about the loss tonight.  I guess I am a little.  I didn’t expect a sweep, though, and I DID expect Mussina to pitch well…so it was no surprise to lose this one.  I just wish Curt didn’t look so bad as the game went on.  What are you going to do?

Poor Johnny.  One hit against the Sox and it’s against a kid from Pawtucket.  Oh well.  🙂

Dave’s streak is still in tact.  I think that’s pretty amazing really.  Good for him!

Tomorrow is another day.  Wake will be on the mound.  I like our chances.

(And, just for umair, the Yankees are in first by some percentage points.  Sox still have more wins.  Not exactly brag-worthy.)

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