Teklowellhomeopener Okay, I know the world expects big things from the Blue Jays and many are disappointed with their 3-4 start to the season.  But it’s only 7 games folks.  Way too early for comments like this one from Blue Jays Manager John Gibbons, about Josh Towers:

"After that one inning I thought Josh threw very well," Gibbons said. "Too little, too late"

"Too little, too late"? Cut the guy a little slack, could you John??  Last time I checked, you had Shea Hillenbrand hitting into a double play that sucked the life out of a Blue Jay rally.  (Is it a rally when it happens in the first inning?)

In six innings the guy allowed two runs.  The Blue Jays had ample opportunity to come back.  Wily Mo was really trying to help them out.  But they didn’t bite.

That isn’t all on Josh Towers, for crying out loud.  Yeesh.

Bronson hit another homerun yesterday.  I know I already wrote about it, but I’m still really happy for him!

Wells is on the mound today and I have to say I don’t have much confidence in him.  Here’s hoping he shows me I’m wrong.

I get to see Matt Clement pitch in person tomorrow night.  Yay!  (And thanks, again, to Michael!)

Well, back to work today…it was great having a day off during the week where I got to fit in so much fun!

Have a great day, folks!

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