Danny Haren

Haren_1 Okay, thanks to Michael Kay, I developed a slight interest in Dan Haren this week.

By coincidence, Haren started blogging on MLBlogs at this same time.

It’s called  "Haren’s Heat".  Isn’t that the cutest little thing?  I tell you, sometimes I feel like I’m old enough to be the mom to half of MLB. 

Ooh…and now he’s "Dan" not "Danny".  Seriously, this stuff is too freaking cute.  I just want to pinch his cheeks.

The cutest part?  This kid is a major league pitcher…for a dam fine team…and his troubles? Not getting to watch "Lost" while he’s on the road.  And, AND, he wants fans to post their opinions about "Lost" in the comments section of his blog.  Oh, yeah…and he wants suggestions on what to name his blog.

I’m dying here.  This guy is just too cute for words.

***I just looked it up…I’m 12 years older than him.  So I’m in ‘aunt’ or ‘older sister’ territory…which is fine.  I don’t want to marry the kid, I just want to squeeze his cheeks!


(The pic is "Dan" when he was with the Cardinals…circa 2004…guess the Cardinals won’t ever do anything like go to a World Series as long as they allowed the long-hairs to play on their team, huh?  Maybe that’s why Dan isn’t there anymore?)

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