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Bronfrontmarch2006This will be my first full season blogging at MLBlogs.  Last season I started midway through and, apparently, built up a bit of a readership.  I’m thankful for that.  It makes blogging that much more fun.  But a nasty trend started last year, dipped off after the post season was over and has started up again…so I’m going to lay out my plans for the season here and now.

I love getting comments on my posts.  I know a lot of other blogs here that I think are quite good and very interesting don’t get many comments at all.  I still don’t understand what folks think my blog has that others don’t…but I appreciate it all the same.

Having written that…I’m not going to sit by while ‘trolls’ jump on board and bash other people around here.  Arguing, discussing, that’s all fine…but when the insults start coming out and your comments look more like someone looking for a fight than someone wanting to talk baseball…well, MLB has a handy tool that lets bloggers delete comments – and I’m happy to use it.  I’ve had two people over the past year accuse me of ‘censorship’…well, guess what?  I pay for this space so technically it’s mine (on loan from MLB, but still mine).  If I don’t want your writing on MY blog…that isn’t censorship.  That’s freedom.  If you feel the need to bash the Red Sox, their fans or me in a graphic and offensive nature here at MLBlogs…pony up the money and start your own blog.

(How’s that for a marketing idea, Mark?   "Hate Red Sox Nation as much as ARod?  Why not blog about it?")

And finally…politics.  I don’t discuss politics here…it isn’t the place.  So telling me I’m a stereotypical "whatever" isn’t quite an insult since you really don’t know how I feel about most things political.  And if political stuff starts, I’m deleting that too.  I left the Red Sox Fan Forum here on mlb.com because of all the trolls and political trash talk…I’m not being pushed off of my own blog for the same reasons.  Not when I can control it.

Oh, one last tip for Yankees fans.  If you’re going to come here and pretend to be a Red Sox fan, you might want to make sure you don’t refer to Red Sox fans as "you people"…that’s kind of a giveaway.

(One final note:  There are many Yankees and other NON Red Sox fans who visit this site, comment here, and email me who AREN’T offensive or nasty – even when they are disagreeing with me.  So my apologies if this sounds like I am lumping you all together – that isn’t my intention.)

Thanks to all of you who make this ‘place’ so interesting and fun.  The rest of you…well, have fun with all that anger.

And, yes, another shot of Bronson today.  Just because it seems to annoy as many people as it pleases.  Have a great day, folks!

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