David Wells

Yankees fans will be able to help me with this, but if I’m not mistaken, wasn’t there an issue in the last season that Wells was with the Yankees where Mel Stottlemyre was upset with him for insisting he was all right and getting into games and getting SHELLED because his back was acting up?  And then didn’t it come out that they felt the reason was because of the incentives in his contract, Wells was putting the team at risk by pitching even when he knew he shouldn’t be, just so he could meet the incentive requirements and make more money?

I mean, I’m not making this up, right?  It was an issue for the Yankees that he was hurt, but still pitching because he had to make so many starts in order to meet the incentive requirements?

I have a feeling that is what is behind this newest tirade of Boomer’s.  He isn’t being ‘dissed because Tito doesn’t plan on starting him early in April, he’s mad because it will affect how many games he starts this year, which will affect how much money he makes.

He’s doing nothing to make me want him on this team this year.

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