Red Sox lose

Gabestclosecook Yankees lose, Orioles lose, Blue Jays lose…

…and the Devil Rays win.

This is why, although I enjoy seeing baseball being played, I don’t put much merit in Spring Training games.

I’m just happy that 1) Coco Crisp performed so well (a homerun away from the cycle, not too shabby) and 2) Shannon Stewart’s line drive didn’t shatter Jonathan Papelbon’s ankle.  Thank God for small favors.Bcook

Johnny Damon did all right yesterday too.  2-3…not a bad day’s work.  Now if he only would shut the eff up about the Red Sox and stay focused on his own team, we’ll all be happier fans for it.

It’s Friday…it’s been a long, lousy week for me…so I’m reposting the "Great Cookie-Off" link to make me and everyone else smile.  If you haven’t already, check it out, I guarantee you at LEAST smile.

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