EmbreeyanksWhen I first started this blog, the point, for me, was to be able to basically write out whatever thoughts came to me…usually while watching a game.  It never occurred to me that I was going to have to find a way to fill space during the off-season.  Live and learn. 

Well, desperate for some live freaking baseball, I watched game 6 of the 2004 ALCS yet again last night and currently am watching game 7.  Good times, good times.

As I watch, I was going over some of my original posts here and I have to tell you all – I crack myself up.  I truly do.  And I’m really excited about getting back to being able to write things like "…diverting my attention from the Red Sox briefly.  In this case, from the suckitude that is Bronson Arroyo.  Poor kid.  He just stunk up the place.  No two ways about it." instead of having to post about things related to baseball in general, but not the game itself really.  I much prefer my rambling posts where I basically talk to myself than posts where I’m concerned about every word I type.  I’m hoping to get back to my 2005 shape soon!

So in honor of the free-thinking posts that will and have already populated this space…I give you the following:

Arod_slap_4  Game 6.  2004 ALCS.  ARod slaps the ball out of Bronson’s glove and all heck breaks loose in Yankee Stadium.  After order is resolved, Al Leiter, guest commentator with Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, has them show the replay for the zillionth time and notes that Joe West, the first base umpire, called ARod "safe" even though he  never touched the base.  This seems to annoy Al Leiter.  (Regardless of the fact that he now wears pinstripes, I DO consider Leiter to be one of the good guys…always have).  Tim McCarver is annoyed to…but not at Joe West or ARod, at Al Leiter.  He says "But he went back and touched first base before he went to second".

How exactly does that excuse West’s poor umpiring skills Timmy?

Man it’s sixteen months later and I still want to smack McCarver.

Anklecurt_1 Also, I’m looking at Curt Schilling pitch and I’m thinking, "I don’t even like going to work when I have a headache…".  Curt might irk the heck out of me 80% of the time…but the man came up big when he had to…how many other players are in that club?  Willis Reed comes immediately to mind.  (Hey, I’m an old school basketball fan!)

Game 7 is fun thus far.  Johnny Damon got himself thrown out at home…making Big Papi’s homerun just after that only worth 2 runs instead of 3.  No worries.  He’ll make up for it with two homeruns, including a grand slam, for a total of six runs.  (without which, the Sox would have still won the game, it’s worth noting).

Lowe8 Derek Lowe is pitching….I didn’t get to see much of him last season in L.A….I wonder how many times he made the Derek Lowe face.  Man…just watching him…I don’t exactly miss him being on the team…well, yeah, I do a little, who am I kidding?  I remember being so proud of his being the winning pitcher for the ALDS, ALCS and World Series games…I hope he has better luck this year than he did last.

Timesj2_1It’s only the first inning and Tim McCarver is making my ears bleed…oh the things I put myself through for the Red Sox and baseball.

Oh yes…and one of the favorite aspects of Game 7…the Yankees trot out Bucky Dent to throw out the first pitch.  How’d that work out for them?

"This is a tough game to manage if you’re Joe Torre or Terry Francona…"

Thanks for those words of wisdom, McCarver.  I guess it’s an easier game for Mel Stottlemyre or Brad Mills to manage?

I wonder if the Red Sox sent Kevin Brown a World Series ring?

Independent Spirit and Academy Awards this weekend and then BASEBALL, baby!

Yeesh, I can’t wait.

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