Pahkin’ my cah

Well the Baseball Geeks have their new podcast up, so check it out if you’d like to hear my rant about Johnny Damon. I think it’s about five minutes in.  (But listen to the whole thing, the guys are really good, and you wouldn’t want to miss them making fun of my accent before they play my message.)

Aside from my hating how I sound (good thing I recorded it when I did, though, because right now I can barely speak…ah winter!) and the fact that I’m tired of all the Johnny stuff myself, I guess it isn’t so bad.

It’s always interesting to hear a west coast baseball fan’s ideas on east coast baseball. The geeks basically maintain that Johnny did what anyone would have done (which, as we witnessed with Trot Nixon, Gabe Kapler, David Ortiz, Mike Timlin, Bronson Arroyo and Tim Wakefield, we know that isn’t truly accurate).  They also miss the point about it being the Yankees.  Which is fine, it isn’t a slam on them or anything, I just don’t think there is anything that comparable in baseball for other fans to truly understand it.  Yankees players don’t go to the Red Sox and Red Sox players don’t go to the Yankees.  And if they do, they’re branded a traitor.  Doesn’t matter that they were a free agent before they ever came on the team they ended up leaving, doesn’t matter how much money was thrown at them.  If you want to have any relationship with the fans that doesn’t include booing or getting the finger, you have respect for the fan bases and the rivalry.  Especially after promising the fans you wouldn’t go there.

03bronson182006Truth be told, I fast forwarded through most of my recording, and I haven’t listened to the entire podcast since I just downloaded it this morning.  But if their past shows are any indication, you should check them out.  Thanks again, guys, even if you did make fun of me.  🙂

I need me some Bronson today to warm up this ice-cold day!

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