Day 1 in Baltimore

Well after a five hour train ride and a four hour car ride…I made it to Baltimore in time to check into the hotel…find the train that gets us to Camden Yards and get in our seats by the third inning.  I hate going to games late, but what are you going to do?

A few observations…I’ve been joking this week to friends saying the Orioles laid down for the Yanks, but given the scores of all the Yanks/O’s games and the way they played last night, these guys aren’t laying down.  They’re really trying and just not executing.  I’d feel bad for Orioles fans, but apparently none of them care.

Oriole Park was FILLED with Red Sox fans…all wearing our colors and all chanting "Let’s Go Red Sox" almost constantly throughout the game.  The Orioles fans didn’t shout us down ONCE.  It sounded like Fenway Park the entire time.  The Orioles fans should be ashamed.  I’ve been to Philly and the Bronx this year and at all those games Red Sox fans started chanting as well and EVERY time the opposing fans drowned them out.  There’s no excuse for letting an opposing team’s fans take over your park.

And even when the Orioles were winning  last night, there was no electricity in the park…no passion.  The fans just didn’t care.  Now I know the O’s are 20 games out, but the fans have this incredibly beautiful park…the people who work there were quite friendly to everyone…and the team really is trying to do their best in spite of all the setbacks they’ve had this year.  They deserve better fans.

There were a few fans there you could tell were diehard…but I  noticed they have a deep hatred for Papi.  Lots of name calling and booing when he comes up.  Some nasty names.  I don’t get it.  Why boo a good player just because he’s good?  Papi doesn’t have a bad rep, he’s a good guy as well as a good hitter…I can see maybe the booing (some say it’s a sign of respect to get booed from the opposing fans) but the name calling and such was just way out of line.

All in all, the park and the people who work in it:  amazing.  The fans, I’m not so impressed with and the jury is still out on the team.

I have tickets to today’s game as well…looking forward to having more time to spend around Camden Yards before the game begins…and hopeful for another win.

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