The Heckler

I am friends with someone who considers herself friends with the Tampa Bay Heckler.  I even met him once.  She leads me to believe that he’s a generous, good person and she has asked me on many occasions to give him the benefit of the doubt.

I can’t.  He might be a very nice man, but if I had to sit next to him at a game I’d  lose my freaking mind.

Tonight his "victim" is Billy Mueller.  Probably the nicest guy in baseball.  I’d love to see Kevin Millar put this guy in his place.

The night Matt Clement got hit by a Carl Crawford line drive was the final straw for me.  Even after that the heckler continued to heckle Doug Mirabelli, something I found to not only be annoying but in extremely poor taste given the fact that NO ONE knew what was wrong with Clement.  He then went on the Red Sox Fan Forum defending what he did as being "part of the game".  Bull.

So tonight at least it makes me smile to know that his team is getting a butt kicking while he’s pathetically heckling Mueller.

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