Venturing into Enemy Territory

Well, thanks to the generosity of my Yankees fan cousin Kat, I’ll be in the Bronx on Saturday afternoon to watch my Sox play her Yanks.

She’s quite the cool woman and we’ll have a blast together…and I can’t believe I’m finally going to Yankee Stadium.

(My Yankee-hating aside…the place is a museum and I’m a bit sad the Yanks won’t be playing there much longer)

I have no intentions of going in there and getting people going…I’m not that type of fan…but I WILL be representing with a Red Sox jersey.  Probably Timlin…maybe Varitek…maybe Big Papi….we’ll see…(I’d wear my Millar, but I have a feeling that one will draw a pretty bad reaction.  Come to think of it, my Timlin jersey might be the only one that doesn’t get me smacked ;-D)I won’t be obnoxious but I will be cheering for my team…and I even have plans to cheer for Alan Embree if he gets put in (jury is still out on Bellhorn).

Here’s hoping the Sox motor into New York with a nice big lead on Friday night.  Last night’s games were too wonderful for words.  Another Big Papi walk-off and Captain Intangibles hitting into a double play.  Beautiful endings to great games.

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