So many things to talk about…

Well, my man Mike Timlin has two consecutive saves under his belt…and my other man Kevin Millar had a two-homerun game yesterday that has seemingly shut up the boo-birds in Fenway (he also went 2-3 tonight – good show, Kevin!).

But the real story is that the Sox swept a four game series and are now 3.5 games ahead of the Yankees in first place.  The pitching is shaky….and the offense keeps bailing them out.  I’m not sure how much longer the team can get wins this way…but I’m enjoying them while they’re happening!

I was (thankfully) in Portland at a Sea Dogs game on Saturday when Arroyo and the bullpen imploded against the Tigers.  I saw a great game with my friends and tried to ignore what was happening in Boston.

Jon Lester is looking pretty sharp.  Here’s hoping he can help the Sea Dogs kick a*s in the playoffs.

And Hanley Ramirez looks pretty smooth in the field.  And he was remarkable with the fans before and after the game (especially the kids).  Here’s hoping he doesn’t lose "that" when he gets called up to the bigs.

I’ll be hitting Fewnay on Sunday AND Monday this weekend (Monday is the makeup game for the White Sox rain-postponed game)…in the bleachers for both games…but it still will hopefully be a lot of fun.  Who am I kidding?  I KNOW they will both be a lot of fun.

I love September baseball.  I love that urgency with every game.  I’m so eager for this month to play itself out.  Even with all the pitching woes the team is having…I still like the way they look and I have high hopes that they’ll be playing come October.

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