My non-critical book review

Along with my passion for writing I have a true love for reading.  So when I’m fortunate enough to be offered free books, I jump at the opportunity!  The blog has brought me many good things, including friends, and the occasionally freebie thrown my way is more exciting when it’s a book.

Recently, I received an email from a friendly writer named Jane Newcomer who asked if I would accept a free copy of her first novel called  “Her Team” which is a story about a woman who wins the chance to manage the Boston Red Sox.  I like to read…I especially like to read about baseball and Jane was offering the book in eBook format so I could read it on my Kindle (which is second after my MacBook on my list of material things I don’t want to have to live without).  I’m terrible at writing reviews.  Back in the early days of my online life, I used to write movie reviews and I could never bring myself to being truly critical of them.  Same goes with most books that I read.  These days, the most criticism I can give a book is that I decided to stop reading it before I was finished (I’m at a point where I find time too precious to waste reading a book that I can’t stand).  So what I’ll say about “Her Team” is that I read the entire thing and enjoyed it!

It was definitely an idea I could get behind…fan wins the opportunity to manage a team for PR reasons…I once wrote a short story about a woman who became the Red Sox shortstop under similar circumstances…so it was fun to read someone else’s take on it.

So for $2.99 you can visit either or Barnes and Noble online and purchase the ebook “Her Story”.  I’d like to point out that, apart from the free eBook, I wasn’t “paid” to write up this entry.  Any time I can throw a writer a shout out, I’m happy to do it.  I would like to thank Jane for reaching out and giving me something entertaining to read during this off-season!

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