Here we go again

There’s a guy who lives across the street from me who is a Yankees fan.  This week he’s been wearing his Yankees t-shirts whenever he leaves the house.  Today I had a few things to do outside and decided to do something I don’t often do, wear a Red Sox t-shirt.  (I have a bunch of Sox t-shirts but I’m not much of a t-shirt wearing gal so they usually sit in a draw waiting to be used.)  I pulled on a red Papelbon tee and went about my business all day.  It was what I was wearing for the entire game and the last thought I had as I changed for the evening (after the game) was: “I’m totally wearing this tomorrow”.  So much for me foregoing all the old superstitions I used to hold.

Instead of going to bed with a massive headache (like I did Monday night), tonight I’ll be going to bed feeling like a truck hit me but with a smile on my face.  It’s a trade-off that I’ll take.

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