It Gets Better

Everyone needs a little support now and then.  On June 2, I wrote an entry supporting Sam Maden and his quest to get the Boston Red Sox to produce one of the “It Gets Better” videos.

The World Champion San Francisco Giants became the first sports team to produce one of these videos and there is no reason other teams can’t follow their lead. The “It Gets Better” project was created to let LGBT youth know that the torment some of them feel (and receive) won’t last forever and as adults it does get better. Knowing the Giants joined the project inspired Sam to push forward and ask the Red Sox to join in as well…and now I’m being asked to ask all of you to sign the petition to let the Red Sox know this is something their fans support. While it might sound political to some, Sam doesn’t see it that way. Hi’s belief is that kids need to hear that things aren’t always going to be as bad as they are and hearing them from people they look up to is a huge step in helping them get through what they need to get through. I believe it would help the Red Sox decide if they knew that their fans supported this cause.

Today, the Red Sox released their “It Gets Better” video online.

Many will wonder why MLB has to get involved (both the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs have also released videos) but I wonder why more DON’T get involved.  I often argue that, as a piece of the population of baseball fans, MLB needs to show they are more accepting to women.  I feel the same goes for members of the LGBT community.  Major League Baseball has an opportunity here to connect with some of their younger fans on a level those fans haven’t experienced before.  Having Kevin Youkilis and Jason Varitek assure you that there is nothing wrong with you and that the problems you’re having now will get better could have a tremendously positive impact on  many youths who are being bullied or feel like there is something wrong with them.  One video from the Red Sox won’t change the world, but it’s a damn good start.

I’m extremely proud to be part of a fan base that petitioned the team to do this and even more proud that it didn’t take much in the way of convincing for the team to be on board with it.  I hope the rest of MLB follows along.

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