Good Vibrations

It speaks to my level of commitment these days that I had no idea today’s Red Sox game was an afternoon one.  That isn’t to say I’m not still committed to the team or this blog, I am on both counts, but I will admit that sadness over my grandfather’s passing and the stress of still being unemployed and losing those benefits come the beginning of August have put things like my feelings over the outcome of baseball games on the back burner.  Consider this my apology for the blog not being what it should be lately.  I’m working toward getting over this hump and am hoping for things (including my attitude) to change soon.

Until then, I really do appreciate the support.  Been trying to keep up the Facebook and Twitter pages too since it’s a little easier to give brief updates these days than full blog posts (which, again, doesn’t mean the full blog posts will stop.  Not at all.  Once other things in my life fall into place, I’ll be working on some improvements to the blog…so you’re not getting rid of me that easily!).

For now I leave you with a quote from Josh Beckett:

“I root for John Lackey more than I root for myself,”

Lackey pitched a heck of a game last night. Unfortunately, he pitched it while his team’s offense was cold and against a team whose pitching is incredible right now. These things will happen. Beckett’s quote tells me, an apparently Rob Bradford too, that this team isn’t falling into some cesspool of negativity, regardless of what you might hear on WEEI or the Sports Hub.

1:05 game this afternoon with Lester on the mound.  I’d prefer the Sox don’t get swept but, honestly, I’m just biding my time until interleague play is finished.

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