I see rain and I see…rain

The last time the Red Sox lost three in a row was at the beginning of May in Fenway when they lost two against the Angels and one to the Twins. That first loss was the extra-innings loss where Daisuke Matsuzaka ended up in the game in the 13th inning, the next was an afternoon game where John Lackey got lit up and the Sox lost 11-0 and the third was the beginning of a four-game series where Tim Wakefield and Alfredo Aceves combined to give up nine runs and 12 hits.

I remind us all of this because those three games (coupled with the terrible start the Sox had) seemed to reinforce to a great many fan and sports writer that this team just didn’t have “it” this season.  They went on to win the next 16 out of 23 games they played.  In the month of May the Red Sox had a record of 19-10.

Losing streaks always stink but what would a season be without a string of games to frustrate us and get us excited for the next winning streak, right?

It’s 9am as I write this and it is absolutely pouring out.  According to weather.com, during the course of today’s game the chance of precipitation goes from 10% to 40% with thunderstorms starting around 4pm (although as I’m typing I hear plenty of thunder now).  This season the Red Sox have only had three games rained out completely.  Chances are, if there is rain during this game, the game won’t get rained out, just delayed.  Neither team has a Thursday game, though, so I suppose if it gets bad they can move it to tomorrow afternoon.  Today has the makings of what could be a long day.

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