Who’ll Stop the Rain?

ESPN deserves a tremendous amount of thanks because, honestly, they pay to have exclusivity on Sunday night and aside from good publicity, I don’t imagine they get much out of allowing NESN to cover the game (they’re also allowing Detroit to air the game locally) yet they gave the okay…not too shabby of them even if it looks like the tornado scene from “The Wizard of Oz’ in Detroit right now.

So we get another rain delay…Gordon Edes tweeted around 6:50 that there is no way this game begins on time (as I write this, there are tractors holding down the tarp in Detroit…that’s how strong they are expecting winds to be) but as soon as the game begins we’ll be here live chatting.  That is, IF the game begins.

Oh well…whatever ends up happening, thanks, again to ESPN because at least now we have the HOPE that we’re going to see a game.

The “Thank You ESPN” Live Chat

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