Live Blog/Chat tonight in spite of blackout rules!

So because of the exclusivity deal that MLB has with ESPN, the second game of today’s double header won’t be shown on television. Gordon Edes has reported that the Red Sox are in talks to get the blackout lifted for the game but who knows if that will really happen? (Also, NESN is reporting that they are expecting bad weather again today so there is a chance that the second game doesn’t get played.)

In the event that we don’t get to actually see the game tonight, I was thinking of doing an old-fashioned live blog where I actually blog what is going on in the game (given I WILL be listening to it on WEEI and there are many people who won’t have access to the radio broadcast).  I could make it a live ‘chat’ as well by using the same program we do for the chats and letting people chat during the game as well but I’d be following the broadcast and doing updates of every at bat for those who can’t see OR hear the game.

If NESN is successful and we get the game on television, I’ll be here for a live chat.  Either way, I’ll be here and we can chat during the Red Sox game.  How’s that sound?

So 7pm…be here.  One way or another we’ll get our Red Sox fix!

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