Fan Friendly?

I have more to write about from Friday but first a small interruption to acknowledge that the Red Sox are doing their best to try our patience and loyalty.  I get it.  I see it.  I’m just happy that yesterday I saw no baseball at all.  None.  So I’m less overly emotional about the Sox being at one win still.

I would like them to be at two come Monday morning.  That is all.

One thing I left out in my Opening Day recap is that when we got into Fenway Park as the gates opened and went straight to the stands, we noticed the Yankees were the ones taking batting practice not the Red Sox.  One of the things I always would brag about to my non-Red Sox baseball fan friends was that you could get into Fenway two hours before game time, see some of the home team batting practice and walk around the entire park.  There is no reason I can think of why you would change this, Red Sox, none.  Yet, they did.  It’s a ridiculous move for an otherwise fan-friendly organization and I’d really like to know why they did it.  You all are already on your way to having a PR nightmare (as well as many empty seats) with the way this team is starting off in 2011, alienating the fans doesn’t really benefit you and, frankly, it’s a really lousy thing to do.


Random stat that doesn’t mean a thing:  The New York Yankees won 101 games in 2004.

Blog suggestion for the day:  This goes to Jere at A Red Sox fan From Pinstripe Territory because he is the one who so completely breaks down the new entrance policy at Fenway.  To put it bluntly, the policy stinks.

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